Python Mentorship 2.0

Python Mentorship 2.0 is a mentorship program for Python beginners and it’s free. During the mentorship process I will be guiding Python newbies through Python learning process by following steps:

  1. Explaining important Python programming topics and referencing sources where you can get advanced information
  2. Giving assignments and showing examples
  3. Checking completed assignments and doing a code review

For the communication purposes we use Telegram and Slack. If you are in mentorship program please make sure that you are in our groups.


Also, we use GitHub for all source code related stuff. It’s one of the requirements that you Watch and Star the following GitHub repository:

Currently available Python Mentorship 2.0 steps:

  1. Introduction and Basics
  2. What do you need to start?
  3. How to submit a question?
  4. First assignment

All videos related to these steps are embedded bellow. You can watch them as a YouTube playlist by following this:

Step 1: Introduction and Basics

Introduction video to the program. I highly recommend everyone start with this video. It gives a vision on mentorship and gives basic rules and guidelines.

Video 1: Introduction

Step 2: What do you need to start?

This video contains information about the required tools that you need for the mentorship program.

Video 2: What do you need to start?

Step 3: How to submit a question?

In this video I will explain what is the best way to ask your Python mentorship related questions.

Video 3: How to submit a question?

Step 4: First assignment

Finally, in this video I am talking about the first assignment and how you can solve it.

Video 4: First assignment (includes solution)

Step 5: Code review for Assignment #1

Code review for the solutions provided by the mentorship members for Assignment #1.

Video 5: Code review for Assignment #1