DevHub – Example Django Project

Hello, World! DevHub is our next community project (will be). Technically it is a Django with a Postgres database within Docker/Docker Compose. I will use this project to demonstrate the whole development/design process for a software development project. Especially with Python and Django.

As an example we will touch the following topics:

  1. Database design
  2. Containers and Automation (Docker, Travis CI)
  3. Tests (unittests, integration tests)
  4. Software Versioning
  5. Deployment
  6. Tooling
  7. Frontend/Backend
  8. CI/CD and DevOps

These are some initial topics. If this project will be interesting to the audience I am planning to add more topics.

Make sure you are subscribed to YouTube channel. Also, check the following links related to DevHub.

Project’s repository:

Link to Django’s tutorial:

Documentation about Django’s custom user model:

About Python mentorship program:

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