Golang web app with HTML template (coding session for codekn.com)

Golang HTML Render

In this tutorial, I will work on Golang front-end web app for the CODEKN.com project? The goal is to build a very simple web front-end for the CODEKN project.

Topics covered in this video:

  • How to render HTML in Golang?
  • How to debug Go web application using VS CODE?

Please note that it’s a code session and in this kind of video I am coding in “live” mode. It means that video is long and there are might be some errors and mistakes in the codebase. Usually, I update to follow up videos with focused discussion topics.

Resources used

In this video, I use the following resources.

  1. Official Go documentation for HTML template

    It’s good to read documentation with various technical details. But, if you want to start with just a simple example, where you have an HTML template page and simple Go code to render simple data structure, then maybe you need to check the next page.
  2. Go Web Examples

    Quite easy to start the tutorial with all the needed information. Perfect match for developers.

How to debug a Go code?

Also, in embedded video, you can find an example of how you can debug a Go application. During the coding session, I face a database error issue and I use VS Code’s debugger menu to debug my web application.

For an advanced tutorial on VS Code debugger please check this link:


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